Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let the communication begin!

Saturday, I got the letter in the mail stating Austin was approved to have an ipad!! We haven't had it 24 hours and I can already tell he's going to do really well with it. He gets very frustrated easily when he gets an answer wrong on the games but with lots of patience I think I'll be able to teach him to make choices! I've started him on the app 'tap to talk' but plan on buying proloquo2go very soon. He's kinda confused with tap to talk but since this week is spring break for him we have plenty of time together to learn it!

For those wondering how in the world I got the ipad: Austin receives SSI and after our finances were evaluated, SSI realized we were owed more money than they thought. It was a large sum so instead of just releasing it to us (oh how I wish they would have!) we had to put it in a special account just for Austin. We are only allowed to use the money for specific purposes such as nursing home care, aides for home, medical care, communication, etc. So I put in an application requesting some funds be released so we could get Austin an ipad for communication and a month and a half later of impatient waiting we were approved!