Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Twenty six week along...where has the time gone? While being distracted by 2 other needy kids, I haven't paid much attention to the months on the calendar going by! Last Wednesday, I had another check up and here are the stats:

25 Week appointment

belly measurement: 26 weeks

BP: a bit higher than usual but that's probably because I got a frustrating phone call minutes before they took the reading

weight: Eek! Gained another 5 pounds putting my total weight gain to 15 pounds. I have a feeling I'm going to gain more with this pregnancy than I did with Andrew's pregnancy...bleh.

Made an appointment for another ultrasound since the tech. didn't get a good measurement of Jack's spine and an appointment for the lovely glucose screening test. Wonder what flavor I'll get this time around? With Austin, it tasted like orange soda and with Andrew it was really sweet lemonade. We shall see!

Andrew is 4!

My little man is 4 years old now. Wow! Andrew had a great birthday party including a bounce house and the ever special 'lion cake' he's been requesting for the last 4 months!

Pregnancy update soon...along with updates on Austin and his schooling dilemma.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today I hate RTS

It's been an interesting past few days with Austin. One frustrating thing after another! It all started Thursday/Friday (I can't recall which day it was!). After a full week of temperatures in the mid 90's with no air conditioning, no a/c at Austin's school, and no a/c on Austin's bus, I think the heat got to the poor kid. He came home from school and an hour later threw up all over my carpet. He wasn't acting sick and didn't choke on anything so I'm *fairly* sure it's from the heat. He recovered pretty quickly since the temperatures cooled down on Saturday.

Fun Saturday? Weeeelll, I was in the middle of changing his pull up on my couch when I noticed he was getting a rash so I left him to go get ointment. I came back to find him in the process of peeing all over his belly and my couch. Not a happy mommy! I stripped the couch cushions and washed those (24 hours after washing vomit covered clothes and towels).

Sunday was a cooler day as well and Austin was his usual self. Sunday afternoon, he starts having some build up in his eyes. Thinking, it was just allergies we kept our routine. Three hours later, Austin's eyes are pouring out nasty gunk, his eyes are swollen shut, and he's got full blown pink eye. Trip to the pediatrician Monday morning to get eye drops...still acting perfectly normal (cooler weather again).

Of course, I kept him home from summer school Monday since he was contagious from the pink eye.

Tuesday (today) was supposed to be not too hot but really really humid. Well, the forecast was wrong and it was hot AND really really humid. Austin comes home from school and won't eat dinner. He puts up a fuss about laying down for bedtime (a little unusual but not completely) and sure enough, 15 minutes later. He's throwing up in his bed. It's 83 degrees DOWNSTAIRS in our house so I'm guessing upstairs it's probably 86ish.

So, is Austin getting headaches from the heat? I don't know. Is he feeling hot or dizzy? I don't know. It's all a big mystery. We try to get him to drink water but it's not something he enjoys. He drinks juice and milk and we've tried to get him to drink mostly water with some juice but he won't touch it. To make matters worse, I went to take his temperature and the battery on the dumb thing goes dead.

I'm calling the pediatrician in the morning but today I have decided that I hate RTS.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My view from above

Yeah, feeling pretty large now and still have 4 months left! I'm one of those lucky ladies that loses her belly button when her belly gets huge!

Andrew insisted that I take a picture of his belly as well!

This morning we had a picnic lunch at a state park a little ways from our house. We also walked one of the trails on site with the boys. Austin rode in his stroller since he's not great at walking long distances.

After walking 3/4 of a mile, we let Andrew rest his legs in the stroller and made Austin walk. Yeah, he was pretty mad about it! It took lots and lots of encouraging and at one point he did what he always does when he gets mad that we make him walk. He stops. And refuses to move!

You can barely spot him in the picture but he did finish the walk!