Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Andrew and I enjoyed playing outside in the snow this morning so I thought I'd share some pictures!

**A few explanations! Yes, Andrew is wearing Ben's hat. It shrunk. A lot. It barely fits Andrew's head! Andrew has MANY other hats but insists on wearing Daddy's. =)

Yes, Andrew is also wearing Austin's snowsuit. Austin hates the cold and the snow and I'm not about to go buy Andrew a snowsuit that will last only one year. Soo, he's wearing a 5T (he's a 3T) snowsuit with the sleeves and legs rolled up! Works for me!

And for the many, many people who ask/comment nearly every day. No, Andrew's not cold, have a fever, etc. He has eczema on his cheeks so they turn red in cold weather. =P

Where's Austin you ask?

Inside, where it's warm, watching a Veggie Tales movie. =)