Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures

Pictures of me at 13 weeks along with baby #3! I know I haven't posted anything regarding the pregnancy but when you've been pregnant 5 times and have 2 kids, it's hard to get excited about yet ANOTHER pregnancy. Pregnancies #5 and #6 were 'oops' babies and I really, really, really, was done having kids once Andrew was born. Can't say that I'm excited about having another baby yet but I have finally accepted it. Took long enough, I know! Honestly, there's much more to it but I don't want to come across as ungrateful or that I'm unhappy because there are so many women out there who want a baby so badly and would love to be in my place. Yeah, feeling a bit guilty but I'm hoping that when I start to feel the baby kicking (should be within the next week or 2) things will change. Still have a lot of hurdles to overcome considering Ben and I built our lives around 'having 2 children' so you'll hear more about those hurdles in the coming weeks cause I need opinions!

Yes, the pictures were taken in my bathroom. Ben and I were giving the kids baths and the only room on the 2nd floor that has finished walls is the bathroom! LOL The other rooms are ugly wallpaper from the 80's (one of those somedays projects)!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pictures of Austin's accomplishment!

Ben took these pictures for me yesterday morning while we put Austin on the bus. Yes, I'm in my sweats! LOL Austin has gotten on the bus 3 mornings in a row without any assistance!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One small step...

on the bus!

I wish I had taken a picture but didn't think of it till just now! Usually Austin's 'bus routine' involves a moderate amount of help from me and the bus aid but this morning, he got on the bus all by himself!

Here's our usual routine:

First step: I lift Austin up on the first step (his legs are too short to lift his foot to the step)

Second and Third step: He does all by himself with the help of the handrail

Fourth step: He reaches out to receive assistance from the bus aid to help pull him up the last step since the railing doesn't extend far enough

This morning I asked the bus aid if she'd wait and see if Austin could do it himself and sure enough he did it! He walked right up to the stairs, climbed the first 3 stairs and stopped at the top for his usual help. I told him " No, you can do it, yourself" and held his hand down for balance. He then used all his OWN strength and climbed the last step alone!

WAHOO! Let's celebrate the small things!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here we grow again...

Yep, that's a little peanut...OUR little peanut...at 10 weeks along. God seems to think I need the extra drama. ;) I'm due November 1st and we got to see the healthy heartbeat this afternoon. Yes, still in a bit of shock. This is my 6th pregnancy after all!