Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is it happening?

Here's a facebook posting from Austin's teacher:

"and now another moment brought to you by room 2 at Starbuck Elementary: Austin ALL day "Mom?Mom?Mom?"-distinctly different than the consonant babbling of "mamama" as he has been know to do-actually summoning "mom" with intent.and then....drumroll...."are you saying mom, Austin?"....that beautiful sly smile and he starts signing "dad" and questioning as if "yeah, and where's dad?"......This has been a very productive "verbal" week in our classroom! and again-we all were touched and sniffling!"

Austin has yet to form any words so this is monumental! I pray it continues! It just goes to show you that prayer works. Sometime in the last 5 days my 5 year old niece prayed that 'Austin would find his words and talk'.

This 'Mom' is very. very. happy.