Friday, October 22, 2010

Still pregnant!

There's still time to put your guess in for the baby pool on the right side of my blog! See if you can guess when Baby Jack will arrive! I wish it was today (or yesterday for that matter!) but I'm being as patient as I can. No. Not really. But I try!

Yesterday, the boys were watching a Signing Times video and having a picnic on the living room floor when I noticed an interesting sight. I pretty much knew this was the case but to see it in a picture gives it a new perspective:

Andrew's head is definitely bigger than Austins.

Yesterday, was our 10th wedding anniversary so my sister, Amy, took Andrew off our hands for a few hours while Austin was at school. Here's a conversation she had with him:

Amy: Andrew are you excited for baby Jack to be born?
Andrew: Yes
Amy: Is Mommy excited for baby Jack to be born?
Andrew: No. She's just tired.

Aren't kids great?!? LOL

So, I'm still pregnant and today I'm 39 weeks. I'll have to remember to have Ben take another picture! I'm going for weekly visits and the last two appointments my blood pressure was slightly higher but nothing to be concerned about. Gained another few pounds putting my total at 33 pounds so I'm happy with that! Just waiting now...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

38 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

We're getting down to the wire...I hope. Both the boys were born after their due date so we'll see! If you'd like to guess when Jack will make his arrival, enter in the Birth Date Baby Pool to the right! Have fun!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Andrew has laryngitis!

You may need to turn your volume up...he can barely whisper!

Monday, October 4, 2010

OB update and pics

Picture taken at 36 weeks 3 days

OB visit at 35 weeks 6 days...

BP: 123/61
weight gain: 3 pounds
total weight gain: 29 pounds

Got the all clear to let him be born whenever he wants to make his entrance! Would LOVE to have him early but Austin was born 2 days late and Andrew was 5 days late so we'll see if the trend continues.

Oh yeah, gave Andrew some kids chapstick to occupy him at the store. He enjoyed it so much that he looked like a clown with yellow makeup on! You may need to click on the picture to fully enjoy it.